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The Evil TeddyBear Podcast: Tumbles

Hey everyone this is your host Korey Epps from the Evil TeddyBear Podcast. On this I'll not only be posting up link for the podcast, but also blog post, pics, my reviews, & a lot more. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for some new post.
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This is mid hair cut. Crappy right? Ha ha.

Create Your Own Meaning. Write the story of your life. There will be ups and downs in your life but those ups and downs make who you are. #Life

#TreeArt #Art

I’m so E.M.O. #Filtered

Tree. :)

She’s the sunshine, so bright,
When I see her there It feels right,
I stare at her, she’s bright has hell,
The smartest girl I ever met that’s why I fell,
My heart is her’s she owns me,
She’s got me for life, no late fee,
I just pray that she don’t return me,
Because she’s my sunshine that’s all I see, that’s all I see.

#Poem #PicArt #ShesOnMyMind.

I want things to be peaceful like.

Breaking dancing Jesus! “You’ ll know my name is the Lord when you just got served” #Breaking #Dance





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