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Hey everyone this is your host Korey Epps from the Evil TeddyBear Podcast. On this I'll not only be posting up link for the podcast, but also blog post, pics, my reviews, & a lot more. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for some new post.
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I picked up a hat for a costume I’m putting together. Hopefully it will be done by #Halloween #EvilTedPodcast #EvilTedHalloween

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Berserk Redux - Chapter 1: The Band of the Hawk from ApostleBob on Vimeo.

This fanedit combines the 1997 Berserk TV series and 2012 Berserk: Golden Age film trilogy, and focuses on restoring both character development and much of the plot that the Berserk trilogy omitted while maintaining an exciting cinematic pace that the anime lacked. This film is the first of four chapters.

Berserk Redux - Chapter 2: The Hundred Year War

Berserk Redux - Chapter 3: Sparks and Dreams

Berserk Redux - Chapter 4: Rise of the Hawk

Notable changes include:
-Color correction to match the animation styles of the two formats
-Hundreds of minor cuts to make conversation flow more naturally
-Removal of most voice over and redundant dialogue throughout
-Removal of many background characters commentary (Not all)
-Restoring the “In this world” opening line by Void
-Opening credits have been altered
-Restoring Corkus’s debate on whether to attack Guts on the road
-Multiple minor edits during Corkus, Casca and Griffith’s initial attack on Guts
-Removal of super human jump by Griffith
-Restoring minor reactions after Guts is beaten a second time by Grifith
-Restoring Guts reflecting on his loss in a tent and Casca warding off an ambush by Corkus
-Restoring Guts First battle with the Hawks (in a fashion)
-Restoring Guts childhood flashbacks
-Restoring Griffith’s philosophical discussion with Guts about destiny after the battle
-Restoring the after battle party
-Restoring the morning discussion with Judeau and the water fight with Griffith
-Restoring the Beherit being introduced after the water fight. Includes Fortune teller flashback
-Removal of the trilogy’s “I will have my own kingdom” scene
-Extention of the fight with Zodd to be more intense and faithful (Guts beaten worse, Zodd’s arm severed)
-Restoring Minister Foss and nobles confronting Guts in castle corridor after Zodd
-Restoring Guts visiting injured Griffith at chapel and getting punched by Casca
-Removing Griffith showing Guts the Beherit on the stairs and Guts almost falling off railing.
-Restored Guts musing on the roof with his sword
-Restored Foss and Julius’s plotting. Shortened significantly so that Julius doesn’t come off so thick headed.
-Shortened the Fall Hunt scene so that Charlotte doesn’t wail at the end
-Shortened Julius’s death scene so he doesn’t stagger like a zombie
-Extended Gut’s escape from Julius’s keep to be more intense.
-Restored Gut’s escape into the sewers after leaping over the wall.
-Some subtle edits in the ‘dreams’ speech.
-UPDATE: Green line removed on border
-UPDATE: Higher resolution on ‘97 anime which removes interlacing
-UPDATE: New opening credits
-UPDATE: New color correction
-UPDATE: Various sound issues fixed

Changes not made:
-Aspect ratio for both media sources remain true their original format (This cannot be fixed without massive picture cropping)
-Opening castle seige remains (Sets up a world at war, is an exciting opening, and does a great job of introducing Guts)
-Guts wears a mask during assassination of Julius (a reasonable change and the trilogy’s version of the scene is more cinematic)

Due to merging two different sources of the same story, there are certain inevitable continuity errors. This edit focuses on character, story, and pacing over the continuity of wardrobe, art style, or minor details. These continuity errors are known and remain by choice.

Disclaimer: THIS IS A FAN EDIT AND IS FOR EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY. ALL RIGHTS BELONG TO WARNER BROTHERS, STUDIO 4ºC, VIZ MEDIA, VAP, AND MEDIA BLASTERS. The faneditor does not endorse piracy and owns a commercially available version of all source media. Viewers should own a commercially available version of the film or television show prior to seeking out and viewing a fanedit. The faneditor does not endorse piracy and owns a commercially available version of all source media. Viewers should own a commercially available version of the film or television show prior to seeking out and viewing a fanedit.

When you see a girl you fancy.

I like talking like this for some reason #Boredom #EvilTedPodcast

Got this in the mail from @nedopak and @TheGeekieAwards. A big thanks for this. Hopefully I can’t do more for #TheGeekieAwards next year or maybe even try my hand at my show winning an award. #Thanks