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The Evil TeddyBear Podcast: Tumbles

Hey everyone this is your host Korey Epps from the Evil TeddyBear Podcast. On this I'll not only be posting up link for the podcast, but also blog post, pics, my reviews, & a lot more. I hope you enjoy and stay tuned for some new post.
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I thought this was awesome, would be a pretty sweet tee too!! @akumasuicide made this btw! Love it!

Tomorrow the podcast that stoners have been wanting for!! Get high with #HigherLearningCHNL with @akumasuicide & @SIGHR_ I’m waiting in the internet line right now for it!! HigherLearningChannel.com
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Decided to check out some #Archie while I wait for my bus to leave the station. #Comics #AfterLifeWithArchie

Watching some #SwordArtOnline right now. I have 5 episodes left. #Anime #Saturday

Smoking crust.

A S U N A ☆ Y U U K I  [16/?]
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Black Widow Cosplay by KarenScarlet

Twitter - Link

Facbook - Link

Official UCU - Link

Now that’s a good black widow cosplay


Check out ginzilla’s first appearance on the Evil Teddy Bear Podcast!!!


Out and about. Try catching me if you can!!! #EvilTedGoesOut #EvilTedPodcast

Younger versions of @jaymewes #JasonLee #JeremyLondon @briancohalloran @samosier from #MallRats. Btw this is my first #BluRay movie ever. #ViewAskew #KevinSmith



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